Enum without suggestions in certain cases

I have a field that I normally use as an enum but now I wish to have it be either Enum and have a drop down if the view name is 1 thing or to be just a text field in another case.
With just the above valid if formula, I do not get my suggestions when in Deny Invoice Form.
To solve this I added a suggest value formula. This results in the suggestions being shown appropriately depending on the view, but this results in my field turning into a dropdown even when it’s empty. This will confuse my users. I want the suggestions in the one view and an open text field in the other view but using the same table+column.

I think the larger more general challenge here is that a “suggested value” basically will always trigger a popdown or button UX. Even a null list e.g. List() will trigger this… You might have to have three fields, two to present to the UX (with show IFS on each of them), and a third to actually capture the final data entry.

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Was afraid that would be the case :pensive: Adding a second field and having the initial value of the first field be the second field should work without needing a third right? The first field would be my open text and the second could have the valid if.

On “adds only” that would suffice I think. On edits? I think your third field would be a formula (and read only) based upon the first two.

It’s an add only table.