Enumeration error

I get an enumeration error when trying to do an action on add from a workflow but when I click the action in a view it works fine? The action adds a row to a table.

Please post a screenshot of the error.

Oh man so small

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_RowNumber is your key?! Oh, Austin… Yer killing me, man!

It’d help to see the action configuration. I’d guess you’re trying to set an Enum or EnumList column value to a value that isn’t a defined value and the column doesn’t allow other values.

I think Reports could be having issues. I have actions that work perfectly when used from a view or called from a workflow but fail when run from a report. Note the similarities in error messages:

“Errors”: "Error: ‘Execute a Sequence of Actions’ Grouped action ‘ComboCopyDonorRequestsSetAdded’ child action ‘CopyDonorToRequests’ failed due to error: Error: Perform DataAction ‘CopyDonorToRequests’ failed because Row having key ‘22b2f18e’ in table ‘Requests’ in field ‘START_DATE’ is required to have a value. \nError: ‘Add Row’ Data action ‘CopyDonorToRequests’ failed with exception Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute. .",

I have a post about it with screen shots of my actions.

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Dont insult me like that :cold_sweat:

I have a proper key and its being set manually in the action and has an initial value.

Milestone and Initiative are References to Projects, and Project_Milestones.
Status is an Enum.


Hi @Austin_Lambeth
I dont see your key column in there?


So here’s the thing I’ve noticed with Data: add a row to another table using values from this row: the Initial value expression for the key column value for the new row is evaluated before the columns set by the action are given their values, so the key column’s Initial value expression does not have access to those new values. Would this affect your action?

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Well it was originally using the initial value and it was not setting the key from the action. This action is being triggered by an ON ADD workflow. Would that make a difference too? Its referencing the added milestone through Milestone_ID. Is this a chicken and the egg? The milestone doesn’t exist before I’m trying to set the reference to the milestone?
The enumeration error on rownumber is a very odd one. My Initial Value is MAX(Project_Details[Detail_Key])+RANDBETWEEN(1,500) so is it trying to grab a value based on itself?

I noticed that too. I guess my co-developer was in the app when I made that change but I tested it this morning with it in there for sure and it still errored the same.

Workflows run after the added/updated/deleted row has been added/updated/deleted.

I’m completely confused by this. :frowning:

So [milestone_ID]=[Milestone_ID]
I think your previous answer disproves this but I was wondering if the Milestone_ID was not valid because it didn’t exist yet.

The second part is me asking about the enumeration error cause its around the rownumber field which has no user control so its very weird that it is erroring.
My last statement confuses me too. Its early :sweat_smile:

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For now my solution as is becoming more often than not is, avoid appsheets method and go to a database trigger :pensive: