Enumlist base type Ref in body email

Helle everyone,

I’m using the action : " External: start an email"

In the body I would like to have a list of soccer players which are selected in a Enumlist typ ref.

If I use the column only the ID’s show comma seperated.

Is it possible to show the name of the players?

using subsitute() or something like that?

For the email I don’t want to use a workflow because some changes should be made in the email after it’s generated…

so it’s just pre-fil functionality…

You need something like this in the email body:



Great! this works without the select…

The names of the players are comma seperated but the names should in a list…

so now it’s : playername1, playername2, playername3

but it should be like this:

playername 3

is this possible?

Hmm try this:

<< START: Select(PlayersTable[KeyColumn],IN([PlayerID],[_ThisRow].[ENUMRefColumn]))>>
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that didn’t work unfortunately

With Substitute() i was able to change the comma’s to linebreaks. that worked!

thanks for your help Simon!!