EnumList BaseType Dropdown is... slllllooooooooooowwwwwwww

Anyone else noticing that when you open the base type dropdown for an enumlist that it’s taking
For-ev-er (Sandlot)

Okay that may be a bit of an overstatement. :rofl:

But they are running much slower; like there’s some sort of validation that’s happening or something.

  • This is true for small apps as well as big (MUCH worse for big apps - like… almost unworkable).

(In fact the reason I’m posting this is because I was in the process of creating a super simple app to test out a functionality - literally one table with 3 columns - and when I made one of the columns an enumlist and went to set the base type… there was this hitch in the system that had me saying Whaaahhh??)

I should mention, my computer is not lacking for resources - I run at a around a 30%-40% memory load and my cpu hardly reaches 50% even at the most taxed (aka: when I’m rendering a video, while streaming music from Di.fm, while editing an appsheet app, while using a monster of a time-tracking app to keep track of what I’m doing, with a bunch of other web browser windows open - maybe even recording what I’m doing while all that’s happening - all that without a hitch).

  • But opening the enumlist basetype dropdown… THAT causes a hitch.


Not sure what s the reason behind.
I tested on my environment but could not reproduced the same problem. The scrolling over the dropdown option items up and down was reasonably fast .
But I always hit the key when the dropdown is presented. When I want to set the field value to text, then hit T on the keyboard, to bring me the first item starting T.
Until you find out the exact root cause, this trick may reduce your frastration…

I too noticed that frequently in my apps. Not all the time, but frequently.

Also not on a potato.