Enumlist choice selection

Hi Appsheet…
Need a little help on what would be my app formula on my enumlist columns where one of the choices is “none”? I would like it that users will be able to select any or all of the column choices except for “none” and the other way around as well where if “none” is selected, other choices will then be unselectable.
Thanks in advance…

You’ll want to use a Valid_If expression, probably something like this (untested):

IF( IN( “None” , [_THIS] ) , COUNT( [_THIS] ) = 1 , TRUE)

In English; if “None” is part of the selected list, then the selected list must only have 1 item.

Note that if you had previously defined the available selections in the valid_if field, you can easily just move that to the Suggested Values field.


will try this out… thanks @Marc_Dillon. best regards.