Enumlist from a ref column

I would like to be able to choose more than one option from a dropdown list of options. That would be an enumlist.

But the list is a column in a table, and i cant figure out how to reference that column and still be able to add new unique values to the column (as though it were a referenced column. i tried a Valid_if statement, and i can add a new entry, but it doesnt update the original column because its not actually referenced.

Basically, i would like to have a dropdown ref column with the ability to pick more than one value. Can that happen?

I did try using an ENUMLIST and setting the base type to REF, but then there’s nowhere I can find to set the REF value to point it to my list of values, and I get the following notification:

Column Name ‘Base_For_FACTORY REP’ in Schema ‘Test1_Schema’ does not specify a referenced table. Picking a default.

Hi, I just tried this in my app and it seems to work. Specify the table to look for ref values in the Valid_if setting of your ENUMLIST.


Hello @Belinda,

You are talking about one to many references.
I have asked about this recently as well.
Unfortunately the only way to achieve what you want is to use an interim table that has a reference to the table in which you are trying to make the one to many reference and a reference to the table in which you hold the list column that you wish to reference.

To make things more clear let’s say we have only three tables.

Table A - this is the table in which you’d like to reference several items from a list in another table.

Table B - this is an interim table which has a reference to table A (make sure to mark this reference as Ispartof to make it a child table of table A) and also has a reference to table C.

Table C - this is a table which holds a list column which you will reference in table B.

Because you marked the reference from table B to table A as Ispartof, it will now appear as a child table within table A in which you can make as much references to table C as you’d like.

I would advise you to make a slice table of table A to have control over the way your columns are presented in the form view.

Using your example I created 3 tables. Collection Events ©, Disposal Events (A) and Interim Table (B) I wanted to have collection events associated with a service location and then associate many collection events with a single disposal event. I created a collection event from a location and all is good. When I create a disposal event, the collection event record is removed. Is this the expected result that you got as well?

@Riki_Armstrong It works perfectly.
I was getting crazy to find the solution, this is the best and the more simple!
Thank you very much

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Hi, what formula did you enter?