Enumlist from enum


I have a user input table with an enum drop down that has 4 values that are the same as 4 column headings in my main table called Full List Table

The column in the editable table that holds this enum is called [Entry To Change]

Outlet Rating
Outlet Type
Price List
Route Code

I have another drop down enumlist that shows a list based on which ever has been selected in the previous one.

In the Valid IF box it can use IF([Entry To Change]=“Outlet Rating”, Full List Table[Outlet Rating]…etc

How can I simplify the expresion to Full List Table[what ever has been selected in Entry To Change] as a dynamic enumlist.



If I’m understanding your setup correctly, you’ve got the right idea. A SWITCH() would look cleaner:

SWITCH([Entry To Change],
“Outlet Rating”, Full List Table[Outlet Rating],

But if you’re looking for a way to dynamically change the value inside the formula square brackets:

You can’t do that; that’s a part of the overlying “code” of your app. (At least I can’t think of any way to do what you’re thinking - the SWITCH() is what I would do.)

A completely different approach would be to use a reference system:


Hi, Thank you. Switch worked fine.

Very slow to save the form though. Maybe even too slow as a function. Still waiting for the “change value in certain columns on the fly” funtion to appear on appsheet. Will open up my app so much.


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