Enumlist Graph (histogram) displays data in a non desired manner:

The graphs (eg: histogram) for an ‘EnumList’ attribute, display the data with each possible combination of the options separately, instead of displaying the total number of times a single option was selected. Is there a way to rectify this error or is this a bug in appsheet?

for eg in the image provided, I hovered over one of the bars in the graph and it represents a combination options selected. What I want is for the graph to display the total count for each option selected separately.

Don’t know that I would call this a bug more likely just a behavior that’s “not desired in this context”. I can think of situations where you would want the different combinations to be different columns. I don’t think there would be an easy solution to get your desired behavior. Would probably need like a table to hold each individual selection with workflows to create rows per selectioned and a whole bunch of other stuff just to make the graph work.

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Did u solve it dude ? I have similar problem