Enumlist help

Hello all.
Okay, I’ll start with the disclaimer… I’m a stupid truck driver.
That being said, I have very little experience with working with computers, let alone appsheet.
However, after a couple of days, I have finally finished my project except one thing. I want to calculate the values entered by my enumlist.


Enumlist Selection

Drop Drop
Hook Hook
Live Load
Live Unload
Arrive Arrive

These items are listed potentially up to 6 times per load.
I’m looking for a way to calculate how many times I do each selected item in a week.
21 Drop
22 Hook
21 Arrive

I would like it to populate on my “load information” view, along with the other data entered into the load sheet. Is this possible or have I been banging my head for nothing? This is literally the main thing I was wanting to accomplish with this program.
Any help or prayers would be appreciated.

Might need some more information about your whole setup, but maybe something like this:

COUNT( FILTER( table , IN( “Drop” , [enumlist column] ) ) )

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Wow, thanks for the quick response.

Not sure what else I can provide that will make it easier for you to help me. Again… very new at this.

Essentially, what I have is records of my loads.

Trip number
order number
Truck number
Trailer Number
Store numbers and information
and activities.
the activities is where I am wanting the help. Again, they are selected in an enumlist.
Arrive Drop
Live Unload
Live Load

Each trip has multiple “activities” that are performed. They all show up on the individual load records properly. What I would like to do is extract that data, calculate each individual item, and tally them on to a new view that shows each item quantity for the week.

Load # 554662
Order # 6584666542
Truck # 17-1005
Trailer # 32554
Arrives = 25
Hooks = 24
Live Load = 9


I don’t know if that helps or not.
I’ll check out the suggestion you provided.

Thanks again!

I have no idea what I’m doing here. GRRRR

I used the formula you put and changed the enumlist name to the one i have, “Activities”. I also changed the name of the table to “Load Data”, which is the name of the table “Activities” is located. I get a blank result when I review the data. I put this in the Valid If section of the builder.

I’m not sure this will work well for me anyway, because I will likely have multiple values from each cell. One cell could potentially have 3-4 items in it from a list of about 20 potential items.
For instance, I could show up at a store (=1 arrive), then I have to unload (= 1 Live Unload), then I will depart, (=1 depart). I might then go to another store, call it, Stop #2. There I would have an “arrive”, “live unload”, “drop”, and potentially a “undock trailer”. The cell that is populated by the Enumlist looks like, “Arrive, Live Unload, Un-dock Trailer, Depart”. Comma separated

What I would like to be able to do is calculate each activity throughout my multiple stops for the day. The reason this is important is that they all pay differently and have to be matched to what the computer in the truck shows, (which is never right).

Any further help would be appreciated, but I would totally get it if you told me to go pound sand. :slight_smile:

That is not the correct spot. The expression I provided would be for the App Formula of a Virtual column somewhere. And you’d need as many of these expression as the number of possible items in the EnumList.

I’d further suggest that you create an Activities table. Each row in this table would hold one possible EnumList selection, let’s name the column [Activity]. Then you can add a Virtual Column to this table with the provided expression, slightly changed to refer to the [Activity] column instead of the hard-coded activity value (the “Drop” from my initial example):

COUNT( FILTER( “Load Data” , IN( [_THISROW].[Activity] , [activities] ) ) )

I’d also advise thinking about how you might re-structure your data to better achieve the functionality that you’re looking for.

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Okay, thanks. I have the activities in a sheet, all on their own. The activity name is the key, being as it can’t be edited and there are no relations, other than when they are selected.
I’ll try to figure out the virtual column thing and let you know what I find. Thanks!
It’s interesting getting into all of this stuff, for a new guy. I appreciate all of the help!