Enumlist in filter not working

Hi All,

On the table ‘User_Profiles’ I have a field Enumlist named ‘Fast Class Levels’ with text values “Fundamentals”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced” (see below)

On a slice from another table, I am trying to use this field as a filter criteria in the Row Filter Condition. It works fine when I hardcode it like so:
IN([Class Level], LIST("Fundamentals", "Intermediate"))

but it doesn’t work when I place this one:
IN([Class Level], SPLIT(LOOKUP(CONTEXT(“Device”), “User_Profiles”, “Device”, “Fast Class Levels”),","))

I tried to debug the issue by verifying exactly the content of SPLIT(LOOKUP(CONTEXT(“Device”), “User_Profiles”, “Device”, “Fast Class Levels”),",") . I did that by having this expression in a virtual table field. I get the list composed of “Fundamentals”, “Intermediate” but the result always show just records associated to “Fundamentals”!


Split on space-comma-space:

" , "

not just comma:


Hi Steve,

I suspected it was around this as well, so I changed on purpose the separator expression on the field ‘Fast Class Levels’ from " , " to “,” then updated the SPLIT TO parameter to “,”. Same problem.

Just to make sure I reversed it and it is the same behavior. It keeps showing me records associated to level “Fundamentals” only.

Thanks for your answer.

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Spelling’s all okay everywhere?

Yes spelling is correct. I just have 3 options “Fundamentals”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced”. I tested it with different combination, either by picking each individual option (works fine) or by picking multiple options at one (the returned records only take into in account the first option).

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IN([Class Level], SELECT(User_Profiles[Fast Class Levels], CONTEXT(“Device”)=[Device]))



It works! I did not think there would be a difference between SPLIT(LOOKUP()) and SELECT(). Thank you @Bellave_Jayaram :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome