EnumList is not getting populated despite trying all options

I am trying to add values using an enumlist in a child table from parent table but it is not showing options at all despite trying everything . Its only showing NEW as an option and takes me properly to the desired form when I click new. It also works fine when I change the column type from Enumlist to Ref .

Parent Table

When using a column of type Enum or EnumList of Ref, you’ll need to provide a Valid If or Suggested values expression to generate a list of options from which the user may choose.

What should I give in valid_if ?


Thanks Mate . I used this SELECT(Production[Production_ID],true) and it works now and I was also trying to get them inside the inline view just as what we get using the Ref_Rows in the parent table. I referred this

and it works but I am not getting the header . I get something like this

2021-04-05 (6) .

Also , Is there a way to customise the view of the list that we get using this filter method, just like we customise the inline views , the number of columns and the type of view we wanna show.

It appears your inline view is a deck view. To get column headers, you’ll need to make the inline view a table view.