EnumList save a record in the table for each selected object

Hello, I am developing an application that allows to have component order tracking.
Once the order is registered, the user in charge of making component deliveries on the orders placed, will be able to view all the orders on the following screen and select an order to assign components to the order.

Once the order is selected, you can add components to the order by clicking on ADD

The following screen will be displayed where, by selecting the type of component that has been requested, all the available components can be selected

By clicking on save, all the selected components are listed to the order.

All this information is saved in the following table

I need a record to be saved for each selected ID_RTU. And that the ID_RTU column of the table, only ID_RTU is saved. Is this possible? Please, I need someone to help me solve it!
Thank you so much!

One option is to use use Webhook as this sample app from www.appsheet.com/portfolio/531778. App name is “New Records from EnumList”.

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Thanks Aleksi for the help, he has guided me to solve a part. Only I have not been able to resolve the persistence of the data.
Currently the selected data is persisted as follows.

I need to be able to persist a record for each selected data. As seen below.
Will it be possible?

@Adolfo_Enrique_Lobos If you check that sample app, you should be able to do exactly what you are looking for.

Aleksi again, thank you very much for your help and good will. Aleksi, I looked at your example in detail,
I look at this table.

I created an asset,

and I note that the data has been persisted as follows

I need a record to be saved for each data selected. In the example I showed, it should be saved as follows. (of course the table would have one more column to represent the primary key)


Did you look at this part?


Hi Steve, I have checked it. But I can’t understand how to solve it. I will read about the workflow and Enum List to gain knowledge. Thanks again, and sorry for my inexperience.