EnumList selection

I have a form with an EnumList field, to populate it I’m using a Valid if SELECT(Table[field],[column]=“value1”). This table has a number column that I want to SUM up as I select them from my EnumList. please help…

Are you trying to SUM up this EnumList column’s value?

I don’t believe you can get a sum of the selected EnumList vales as the values are being selected. The sum will only be calculated after the user has completed their selection.

I’m afraid you cannot sum the enumlist content live whilst you are selecting items from a dropdown.

Guys… if the column type is EnumList and the base type is number, you can sum your selections with a simple formula like SUM([EnumListColumn]).


Yes it’s and to get a live preview of the sum whilst selecting the items could be possible with a small subset of numbers and using buttons. But it might not be so simple with a dropdown. I meant in that way when saying it’s not so possible

Well… we can just guess what the goal sould be :wink:

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You can see it in action in my community sample app. Just click on your name and add a record, and select numbers. You will see the sum below. I have used buttons but I’m not so sure about the dropdown because the dropdown field will somehow curtain the sum field I believe. But of course @Aleksi might offer better solution(s).

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thanks everyone, I got it to work…

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Thanks for the pointers here @Aleksi and @LeventK I have added a COUNT() Column which I will use in an app.

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