Enumlist slow to return

I have an enum list that I have as an editable column in a detail view.

When I click on it the drop-down appears and I can select 1 or more options for my selection.

Then I Click done.

My selections are returned to the detail view.

The problem is that it takes 3-4 seconds after clicking “Done” to return with my data, during which I cannot perform any other actions.

I daily have to click through 50-60 entries that I have to choose items from my enum list for, so this 2-3 second delay per item is translating to some user frustration.

Does anyone know a way I can expedite this?

I am using Google Sheets as my data source.


I would guess you have some very complex App formula, Initial value, and/or Valid If expressions for that table and/or for its IsPartOf parent table

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No App Formula,
No Initial Value,
No Valid if statement.

Just a suggested values statement,
(Select(Table[Col], true))

I even tried removing that and manually entering the possible values with the same result.

I also tried switching from a dropdown to buttons. But that just added a 1.5 -2 second delay between selecting a button and it turning blue.

The only thing I can imagine, then, is your device is low on resources.

Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

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