Enumlist values are parsing out when sent to csv

I have an ENUMLIST storing data as expected. I use SUBSTITUTE to put it into the clients format but when the data is exporting to csv it distributes across columns (due to the comma) when it should stay in one single field.

I tried wrapping it in another set of commas but appsheet doesn’t like the expression.
“^”&SUBSTITUTE([BIN Refurb Type],",","^,^")&"^"

How can I get the data to appear only in the single field vs. parsed out? A million thanks

Need this:

Getting This:

Hmmm… I’d call that a deficiency in the CVS exporter. It should be smart enough to handle data with significant punctuation like that.

Maybe try wrapping like this instead:

'"' & SUBSTITUTE([BIN Refurb Type], ",", "^,^") & '"'
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Got it. Will give it a try and report back

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Hey Steve it worked! just had to add the ^ at the beginning and end.

Thanks Steve