Enumlist with base type ref does not work on dashboard - interactive mode

It is most likely I will end up with feature request, but let me share my observation before going there.

Currently we have functionality to set the base type to REF or any other type as we want for ENUM, ENUMLIST type. Same story for LIST Type field that is only available in Virtual column.

Now I have two table, each stands Parent and Child respectively.

On the child table, I have physical column with ENUMLIST type , and base type is set to ref and reference table is made to Parent table. As usual, the expression is set to validif constrain to look up list of the parent records so that we give the dropdown selection to the users.

Now, on the child row, we let the user to pick up the parent record they wish to make a relationship. Compared wiht normal ref type parent/child relationship, single child record can select the multiple-parent records as we want.

For the moment, Appsheet is not auto-generate the virtual column (I have opinion they should make though) in the parent table as LIST type field, to list up the related child record. So I make the list type (or even Enumlist type will work) virtual column in parent to list up the related child record.

What is the difference by then, between this set up and the usual parent/child relationship set up, using ref type field?

REF type column ; One parent can have multiple childs, and one child can only have one parent.
ENUMLIST with base type ref ; One parent can have multiple childs, and one child can have multiple parents!

In short, REF type relationship will generate “one to many” relationship, but ENUMLIST(or LIST) with base type REF will make “Many to Many” relationship.


Now both tables are connected and we are able to uses REVERSE REF expression, to track and trace the field in child record from parent, or from child to parent vice varsa.


When we place the views into dashboard, one from parent, another from child, I was on the assumption that filtering action will be applied once we set the dashboard to INTERACTIVE mode.
But not true.

Once one record is selected in the parent table / view, then it should filer the rest of view, i.e. child list view accordingly, but currently it is not. Same story should apply, once one record is selected in child table view on the dashboard, it should filter the rest of view, i.e Parent table accordingly.

ENUMLIST/LIST with base type REF is opened up the new opportunities and possibility with Appsheet, but for the time being, it looks like (if im not wrong), this feature is not supported.

Or it should work now? just I m doing something wrong?

Thank you.



I’m with you on this, @tsuji_koichi. If the UX on Appsheet can capitalize on many-to-many relationships, I think there will be so many more industrial capabilities (hence more Appsheet revenue, hint hint nudge nudge). If this Dashboard Interactive Mode UX you describe here, responsive to Enumlist of REF, is on the feature #requests, please direct me to it and I will upvote!


I too have been facing the exact same issues. I have been looking for solutions but couldn’t find any yet.

Hopefully will get some sort of resolution here.

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I sent formal query to support@appsheet.com, but unfortunately there is no response back from their desk. Hopefully I can get something back soonest.

While I wait for the advice from team, I found it is likely and currently impossible to make it happen, just because Appsheet is not recognizing the tie and relationship between tables which are connected through enumlist / list type with base type ref arrangement. This can be confirmed when we investigate the SPEC of the app.

In case we have relatoinship between tables, then SPEC indicate this fact, with line with arrow in the end with remark “can have many” or “can be many of” text over the arrow. However, between the tables which SHOULD HAVE connected through base type ref with enumlist/list type, there is NO ARROW between the tables.

Theoritically and hypothetically as well, we should see “two arrows” between those tables, i.e. two way arrow, both indicate “can have many” or “can be many of” but in reality (for now) this is not.

For the moment, it appears to me there is limited capability of Base Type ref set up. We are able to use expressoin to trace the field values in other table through base type ref, but obviously dashboard interactive mode wont recognize this relatoinships unfortunately.

It is highly likely we need to place feature request to get this functionality ? i m afraid.

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Hi @tsuji_koichi,

Just in case the below approach helps As shown in the video below, the test app has parent table as “Customer” and child table as “Orders”. The Customer name in the child table is of enumlist type , allowing user to select multiple customers.

The video shows the interactive dashboard view. Initially all orders are on single customer each. Then we create a few orders on multiple customers and they start showing in the interactive dashboard.

Within the order details one can navigate to the names of customers for that order through inline action. Only instead of detail view , it naturally shows the table view of customers for that order as there are multiple customers to select from.

Reverse navigation from child to parent is not there, but I am unsure if it is available even in normal one to many parent child relationship in dashboard.

I will be happy to share implementation details.

Thanks Suvrutt

But to be honest with, I know what you did, but actually I need the real interactive dashboard.
For instance, I place the deck or table view from parent table. Then we place anothe view to the dashboard made out of child table, like Calendar view etc.

Your dashboard views be made out of parent table, just different type, one with table, and other with detail.

Hi @tsuchi_koichi,

Got it. You are welcome. I was in general aware that your requirement will be very specific. But anyway just thought of posting, if the workaround helps anyone on this topic.

Also I had suggested similar approach ( not enumist references but single row chart) for chart view as well and it worked well for that purpose also during testing. Listing that as well, because the workaround is similar.

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i have two tables table 1 and table 2 i need the value of column(maildId) from table1,that are not present as part of table2,
can you help me with correct expression

note :both tables can have same mailId

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thanks so much i need to display some columns based on view names where do i get and expression

Not exactly sure what you are asking, but if you want to hide column based on view name, then
showif constrain is the place you place the expressions like


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Thanks sir, is there any way to bring captcha in appsheet??
i mean whenever a user try to submit some data he needs to select i am not robot is that possible?

No , not available.


Yes, this is a general limitation. I wish we had different REF types.

One to many
Many to one
One to one

The interactive dashboards are powerful and simple. I recently tested an enum table with multiple REF from an asset table to the enum table. And the interactive dashboard only worked with one ref per table…

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Hi @Vigneshvaran_G, you can try my simple captcha app.


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