Enumlist with image

So I have a userinput table with an enumlist for a column that has an image type/buttons and has a validif statement that points to a movie title table that has a poster column, which stores names of jpegs (i.e.- 1234.jpg). In detail view, with this column as editable, it shows the poster images as buttons like it is supposed to, but when you select a choice, it says invalid entry. If I change the enumlist for this column to a text-based column (Title) from the movie title table, it will allow me to select a button with the Title on it and stores it to the userinput table perfectly. But when I try to store a lists of poster images, it doesn’t let me. Any clues? Btw- I had this feature working in other apps and now it is suddenly not working there either, even though I haven’t changed anything there.

Here are screen shots: One of when I use the text based titles and the other the posters


Hmm, I’m not seeing the same problem. (Though the last item is shown large - a different problem)
I’m able to select and save several images.

Your [Poster] column is defined as an “Image” column?

Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 4.04.01 PM

Yeah…poster column is image. It’s weird because it used to work…which suggests some column definition or something I changed, but that fact that it stopped working over multiple apps has me scratching my head. Thanks for taking a look at this