EnumList with two column values separated by commas? Is this possible?

Hi everyone, Im using an EnumList type column with a SELECT() formula to pull the results from another table, it worked fine so far with this formula:

select(Reservas [Booking number], ([Cliente]=[_THISROW].[Nombre]))

What I need now is that the formula using the same search term: ([Cliente]=[_THISROW].[Nombre]). to bring back the data of two columns of the row that match the search or select term.

i.e. in the EnumList Type column the results that show are the “Booking number” so far, I want it to have next to it the name of the cabin they are staying in. The result should be something like “Booking number, Cabin”

This way they wont have to go through their email to see which reservation is for each “Casa” before continuing to the next section of the form.

I tried the following formulas, the syntax seems correct but it still only returns one column.

(select((Reservas [Booking number]) and (Reservas [Casas]), ([Cliente]=[_THISROW].[Nombre])))

I also tried wrapping two select formulas with AND() but that didńt work either, any ideas?

How about concatenating the two values you would like to see in the enumlist within a VC and use that VC as your label?

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Hey Chris, thanks for that idea. I created a VC with this formula:
concatenate(Reservas[Booking number], “,”, Reservas[Casas])

And the result is the full list of values of the source column for each row of the outcome table. I think I still need to in some way make SELECT and CONCATENATE work together.

Reservas[Booking number] and Reservas[Casas] are table-column references, which produce a list of all values in the column of the table.

I had created the VC in the wrong view. Its working now.
Created a VC in the data table (not the form ), and then use that as a label.

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