Enums very unresponsive

I have an enum list with just 4 items. Does not allow additional entries or search.

It seems very unresponsive hard to change an item, especially on an Android tablet. Choosing an item is extremely slow and slow at returning back to the app.

Furthermore it often does not select the right item.

This slowless is pretty much a dealbreaker as regards the app professionally.

Any ideas?





Please provide a screenshot of this.

Back to the app? Please explain what this means. I would not expect the user to be sent out of the app while selecting an Enum value.


I’ve not heard of anyone else complaining of this. Could your devices be low on memory or storage?

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What type of tablet and what version of Android?

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Android 10

Samsung S6 tablet

Samsung S8 phone

Plenty of memory.

It seems to start happening after I visited a dashboard view containing 2 tables in a table view.

I’m going to do some tests viewing the tables on their own to see if the dashboard view has anything to do with it.

The tables only have less than 50 rows each

I’ve listed just four values as then enum values

I only want the user to choose from these 4 values that’s why I’ve not allowed other values.

When I mean returning back to the app I meant returning back to the form to insert the value chosen.

I’ve mentioned in another reply that it seems to start happening after viewing a particular dashboard view.

I will do some more tests.

Do you have any expressions that run based off of that Enum input? It could be that there is some sort of lag time for an expression to complete, since its definitely not the spec of the device.

No, not on the simple fixed enum with just 4 options, it has no formulas attached to it.

Basically I think that there are performance issues after you have used a table with a number of columns in table view, or used other the options in the app for a while.

Deck views seem to be OK.

The app starts off OK and then he gets gradually slower and slower, and you notice this when choosing options from enum lists. It particularly difficult to try and select top item from the list.

If you unload the app and start again it’s OK for a while, and then slows down again.

Using the app in the desktop browser everything’s fine.

Appsheet was looking fantastic. I have built to quite a comprehensive app, But the performance issues are making it unusable for end users.

Again, I’ve never heard of this. I strongly encourage you to engage support@appsheet.com.

Will do.

Running in the browser on Android is perfectly fine.

There must be a memory leak issue with viewing table Views on Androind or something like thta.

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