Epson Connect Printing Workflow Down

All, I’ve been sending a PDF to an email address reliably for over a year. Suddenly on February 25th the service stopped accepting the attachments to print. I have secure pdf turned off. I am able to download the email attachment. Resave the file using pdfviewer and then send a new email to and the attachment prints. I’m asking if this is something on AppSheet’s end or if anyone is having the same issue.

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Please contact for help with this.

I would suggest to get in touch with Epson support desk rather than Appsheet…


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Also a good idea, but I think it important to let AppSheet Support know when AppSheet changes affect external services.


I have sent the same request to EPSON Cloud print. However, the service works once I try to print something not AppSheet related or resave the appsheet workflow attachment using pdfviewer then resend to service. AppSheet contacted me within minutes of me submitting the ticket. Will report back.

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I have been having a support conversation with Bryan about this I’m having the same issue (I can’t find his name to tag him)

“I found a note that there was a change made in the PDF engine that will be rolled back later. Sounds like that will change today. You may not need to do anything with Epson
Bryan from AppSheet”

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Same here

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I just sent mail to エプソン(Epson) support desk for query.
Will see how they revert.

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@tsuji_koichi have you heard back from Epson? I was thinking of calling them to ask

I received one initial response which was meaningless. Just they said you make sure the attached PDF is not encripted. Damn…

I sent another query for meaningful advice, but no response further unfortunately.

Seems their help desk not working well.

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ok thank you,

I just got an update from Bryan who said they’re going to try a fix and i’ll send an email to see how it works

i’ll report back to you

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I reckon Appsheet office should have been using this email print technique, so should be their own problem as well. :grinning:

Thanks, will see.

it has been fixed for me can you try?

or maybe they will now roll out the fix

quick test did, but still error. Probably new code not arriving to my account ?

Epson Connect Email Print cannot print the following file(s).

521a00c3 (2).pdf

Resend your email and ensure that attached files are not encrypted or password-protected.

If you’ve attached an image, reduce the image size, and then try again.

If you cannot print after trying the suggestions above, see the Epson Connect Email Print FAQs for more information.

If you do not wish to receive further messages for this printer, please contact the printer’s owner.

To learn more about Epson Connect Email Print, visit

This e-mail was sent automatically. Do not reply to this e-mail.

A fix was put in by a AppSheet tech on Friday and the service was working for us on Saturday 3/6/2021.


We also are in contact with Bryan from AppSheet Support. But the fix was no solution for us.
We found the reason. If you open any PDF file with Notepad, you will see that it starts with “%PDF-1.5”. And that’s how it has to be.The PDF files generated with AppSheet start with “òÁ%PDF-1.5” or “ª¶%PDF-1.5” or any other strange characters.That’s the reason why it’s not printable.


Since AppSheet changed from PDF Version 1.4 to 1.5, every PDF from every App has these strange characters.

Please open a PDF produced by AppSheet in Notepad (not in Acrobat).

It looks like this:


The characters before “&PDF-1.5” are the reason why the PDF is not printable i.e. Email Print like Epson Connect, or direct print via a Windows Service.

I can delete these characters in Notepad and save the file.


Now the PDF is printable.

Images in your post are broken.

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Thank you @Steve . I updated my post.

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Is anyone having issues with this again? I’m experiencing the same issue @tsuji_koichi @Matt_Hodge