Equipment tracking with barcode scan

I am trying to set up equipment tracking for assets/equipment at our job sites. Each piece of equipment have their own serial number/barcode assigned.

My app already contains all customer files and their statuses in regards to work in progress that utilizes sheets to store the data. I have set up an additional sheet that contains all of our equipment inventory including their serial numbers and barcodes.

Each customer (job site) will have equipment onsite during the duration of our work there. We also have equipment in each technicians work trucks, in our warehouse and occasionally in repair.

I would like help with scanning our equipment from one location to another as it is used, moved or stored. I would like to incorporate the customer names from one sheet as options to select for location when scanning equipment in/out from the job site.

I have already set up the ability to scan the inventory and recognize the barcode number. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Most of the forums i have read only deal with product inventories containing multiple items under one code. This does not apply for my equipment.