Error Cannot Convert 'Value' to Enum when Selecting from Dependent List

I have a table of Division_District that looks like this:

As seen here, the District column is a mix of numbers and text.
I have another table PermitList with a column for District and Division with the Suggested Values set as follows:


It appears that only recently my application is preventing me from saving a new record in PermitList giving me the error:
Cannot convert ‘Value of District Column’ to Enum

Several days ago it seems that this was working just fine and now I don’t know what the problem is? Do I specifically need to convert the ‘Suggested Values’ to a list of text values when the dependent District suggested values may only be numbers? Any solution would be helpful. Thank you

Enable this:


Thank you for the prompt response @Steve but it did not appear to make a difference.


I presume having the same expression in the Valid If does not affect the conversion issue?


That is frustrating that you have have to check that even though your selection list is limited to a specified list of values.

Yes it worked, but it is very counter intuitive.

Thank you!

Another question real quick. If somebody has some back logged entries that didn’t go through because of this issue. If I made changes in the application to account for this and they try force syncing the application, would the changes now go through?

I wouldn’t expect to, but I may be wrong. My understanding is that a formal sync sends pending data updates from the device to the server before attempting the app upgrade, so the data sync would fail first, preventing the app upgrade.