Error cloning app: Unable to parse range

Hi all, I am try to copy the app, and It show this error ?


Thanks for reading !

There are times when the Copy produces errors. I think this is more prevalent on larger apps. But many times I find the app did indeed copy and all seems well.

Was the copy inserted into your portfolio? If so, I would try opening it and checking it to see if it works fine.

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@WillowMobileSystems Yes opened it, It’s not runable …

What are the errors when you open the app? A screenshot of the error message could help.

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One of the workarounds -far from ideal- is moving the files from the app directory in google drive to other directory in Gdrive, as this copying step is where usually the process fails in big apps. Hope this helps.

I’m pretty sure manual data migration is recommended when the data sets are large. I don’t recall where I’ve seen that advice before, but I think you’re right.

After a long back and forth with last year we came up with this “solution”, forgot to mention it.

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