Error Creating Public URL from File Column

I have a ‘File’ type column [OrderDocument]. When a new row is created or updated in this table I run a workflow that sets the value in column [OrderDocumentURL] with this expression:

Correction: This appears to happen when I manually run the action that is associated with this workflow. If the action is triggered by the workflow the result is correct.

CONCATENATE("", "TWUAData-1294841-20-12-08", "&tableName=", "TempWaterUseAgreements", "&fileName=", [OrderDocument])

Previously this would result in a URL like this:

However, now the same expression results in this instead:

Basically, after ‘fileName=’ is the starting point where this expression now results in something different. My other observation is that the ‘incorrect?’ result after ‘fileName=’ is the same as what would result if I just opened the file directly from the file column in the new browser window. Either way the expression appears to give a different result now then it did before and I am wondering if this has anything to do with further Google integration or if someone else has noticed this also?