Error: given key not present in dictionary


This is my expression:

IF([How many more machines?] = >1, ANY(SELECT(Pre Start[Equipment],MAX(Pre Start[_ROWNUMBER])=[_ROWNUMBER]-1)),"")

If I break it down to:

ANY(SELECT(Pre Start[Equipment],MAX(Pre Start[_ROWNUMBER])=[_ROWNUMBER]-1))

It works.
The error being:

Expression ‘EXPRESSION HERE’ could not be parsed due to exception: The given key was not present in the dictionary…

Now I am trying to understand what the error is referring to.
The column mentioned in the beginning of the if statement is a number column, an initial value of 0, and a max count of 2. I believe the issue may be that it is not shown unless another column is marked as True.

Any help is appreciated!

The “Greater Than Or Equal” operator should be inserted as “>=” , no spaces and order does matter.

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Wow, my mistake, Its been a while since I wrote an expression and didnt realise the equal sign was not required haha

Oh, so really meant “Greater Than” 1. Got it!