Error in LOOKUP()

I am trying to derive the section header content from another table (Course Details) using LOOKUP() as under:


LOOKUP gives an error as below, even though I have put all four parameters – see below


Can someone help please

“ Concat Course & Hole” (Key) as well as “Concat Par & Idx” are two virtual column in the Course Details table from where I am trying to fetch the value

Please try the expression by putting “ Concat Course & Hole” , “Concat Par & Idx” and “Course Details” in double-quotes in the expression.

LOOKUP(CONCATENATE([_THISROW].[Course id],1), “Course Details”, “ Concat Course & Hole” , “Concat Par & Idx” )

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For reference:

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Bahut dhanyavad Suvrutt

It worked !

Thanks Steve for the reference


One more question - is there a value I can put somewhere for each column (say a number 1,2,3, etc.) which I can reference in an expression instead of hardcoding the number within the expression…that way I dont have to go to each expression in each column and change the number…I just copy the expression across each column as is…thanks for any help