Error Message : App Blocked

I am geeting an Error msg:

Unable to fetch app definition. Error : App blocked. Please contact the app creator.

Please help how to remove this error.

Currently i am having 3 user on this app.


Your subcription payments have been failed, you have been notified by AppSheet but I believe you had missed them and as your subscription payment is due for a long time, your app is blocked for usage. If you login to your AppSheet account, you can see a yellow exclamation mark next to My Account tab. You need to correct your due payment and contact

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Thank Levent,

But i my having only 3 users and i think that’s under the free limit.

Just for one day i had 4 users and then on the next day only i had removed the 4th user when i received the mail from appsheet that i had crossed free limit of 3 users.

Thank You

You might be using features which is not included in the free plan i.e. workflows, reports etc. Open the AppSheet editor and check for error messages or info messages as well. Also worth checking My Account > App Info pane.


Can you please tell me the limit for free user?

Somewhere they say 10 free user in beta and then they warn me after exceeding 3 user limit to change the subscription plan from free to paid plan.

Please can you guide me till what limit i can use the app freely?

Thank You!

Please contact for help with this.

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Thanks Steve!

Mailed earlier also but they didn’t respond.

Mailed them again.


You can use the app for free with up to 10 users but WITHOUT DEPLOYING THE APP. Provided you have deployed the app, then this needs a proper subscription as described in detail here >

You need to purchase 3 licences under premium or pro account and the tech team will remove the blockage in 24hrs.

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Thanks Levent,

Can you please tell me why i need to purchase 3 license?? Why not i can continue with the free plan??

I have not deployed my app yet nor i have crossed the limit of 10 users nor i have any report or workflow in my app.


I’m not an AppSheet tech, however app blockage might have several reasons but the majority of the issues result from due payment or excessive licence usage with respect to the purchased licence. So I cannot say anything in detail to explain your issue. The best way is contacting which you had already done.


Thanks alot Levent.

Without checking your account, any chance that you have set your app(s) as private?

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