Error of any update /edit database sql

Allways I get this error:

“Unable to add/edit/delete row in table ‘dbo.RutasyOTSyServicios10d’. → One or more SQL errors has been encountered: One or more SQL Server errors has been encountered:\nThe column you are trying to modify is a derived or constant field and thus cannot be modified.\nOriginal error message from the database: Update or insert of view or function ‘dbo.RutasyOTSyServicios10d’ failed because it contains a derived or constant field.”

Please I need help

This means that one of the columns in your SQL database that the app is trying to modify does not allow modifications. You will need to either: (1) reconfigure your app to not attempt to modify the column; or (2) reconfigure the database to allow the modification. If (1), consider contacting directly for help. If (2), contact your database administrator.

Hi Steve, Sorry I m not able to add a new question , and I need help , I¡im getting the message
Table does not allow new entries when the user just updates a row in a simple UPDATE SLICE, May you help ?
See attached


Have you check your slice update mode to allow adds?

and check table Are_Update_allowed?:

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Hi Heru
I just want that UPDATES will be allowed , We don’t want the users adding news rows, just updating
Sorry if I didn’t explain it correctly

It seems, I don’t understand your question, however, if the requirement is only to allow Updates, than you can specify with the slice update mode :

Or in the Are_Update_allowed? in the table.

To do that, you can just click again the “Adds” or the “Deletes” ?

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How did the user arrive at this view?

If by a LINKTOFORM() action, that’s your problem: LINKTOFORM() always tries to add a new row. Use LINKTOROW() instead to open the form view of an existing row.

See also:

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Hi Steve,
Thanks this was the issue, I changed the detail view to allow updates.
Kind regards.