Error on a slice

(francesco cannone) #1


how come I get this error on a slice?

(Steve Coile) #2

Likely you created a slice that includes the row’s ID column but hides it from the user’s view, and the ID column has no initial value, or an initial value that is blank.

Make sure your ID column has an Initial value expression and that it will never produce a blank value.

(francesco cannone) #3

yes, I have an ID column with numbers in progress.
I add a first slice and everything works.
when I add a second slice on the first slice everything works instead in the second one gives me this error

(francesco cannone) #4

I am forced to create new views without slices
referring to the entire sheet

(Steve Coile) #5

Are both slices on the same table?

Do both slices include the same columns?

What is the expression for generating the ID column value?

(francesco cannone) #6

They are made of the same table
In the ID column there are static numbers I entered as an example ( etc.)
Claims do not include the same columns except the ID value

(Steve Coile) #7

The error in the screenshot suggests the ID column for that row has no value. If you’re entering the ID values manually, that error can only mean you didn’t enter an ID value.

(francesco cannone) #8

unfortunately I did not understand :wink:

(Steve Coile) #9

Please provide a screenshot that shows both the error and the ID column at the same time.

(francesco cannone) #10