Error on startup after successful 1st install

Does anyone recognise this? I installed the app on a number of phones, synched them and tested. Woke up this morning started my phones and got this page instead:

Any clues? I have about 20 phones giving this error :frowning:

Looks like a simple netwok error - “ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED”

Hi Simon, thanks for your response.

Indeed it is looking for an internet connection, however the app is setup to work offline. Some phones it works and others it throws this error.

Ok, is this happening after you’ve installed and synced the App at least once?

Correct. However I noticed I had synch on startup switched on. I turned it off last night and am having the field surveyors resynch this evening. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Unless you have other ideas :slight_smile:

Yes, that should sort it. Even in offline mode it has to be online to do the first sync.


@1minManager thanks for the support and response. I havent had any complaints so far today after the changes. i think this was the “teddy bear effect” :joy:

Hi Jethro,

If you need any further assistance I’m happy to hop on a conversation and share with you some best practices. You can book some time with me here: