Error on startup


I constantly get an error on startup. it says that the colomn structure is not good, but when i hit regenerate, it does nothing.

can anyone help me out with this please

@Stefaan_EEMAN - i would suggest posting some of the details of the error messages. You can usually see them as red dots on the table, slice, and view tabs depending upon where they occur. You also should see red boxes around the column names that are causing issues. I often find adjustments needed there as well.

Anyway. I am sure you can get better helping you post some of the error statements and where you are seeing them.

If your error is that there is a mismatch in the number of columns, and if Regenerate does not fix the problem, you might want to check the underlying spreadsheet.
Regenerate only reads the first N rows of the sheet. But when you are actually using the app, all the rows are used, so if there is an extra column in one of the later rows, it can cause an error.

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Here by i send you a screenshot of the error, but there are no red dots. I know the error but when i click regenerate it stays the same error.

Kind regards

when i add a column i get the error, when i click regenerate, when i delete the colomn everything is alright, but i need the colom in the app.

Ah. Thanks. You are right… need to get regenerate to work. I have seen cases with google sheets that unless I refresh the browser after changing my sheet columns, and then regenerate the appsheet column definition, the changes were not detected. Maybe someone else has a better way, but I have had that work for me in the past.

when i add a column i get the error, when i click regenerate, when i delete the colomn everything is alright, but i need the colom in the app.

Hi Stefaan,

What is the current status?

I can investigate, but can only do so if you are not making changes while I do that.

What you mean with status.

Are you still having the problem?

Yes problem stille the same, I deleted the colomn for now, but i need it in the future so I have to add it

Hi Stefaan,

I can investigate but need two things to do that:

  1. The app must be in the failing state.
  2. I need to debug it while no one else is using or changing the app.

One way to accomplish that is to:

  1. Make a copy of the app. Choose the “copy data” option when you do that.
  2. After you make the copy, update the copied spreadsheet to include the column that is causing the problem. The copied spreadsheet will be in the “default folder path” listed on the Account > Settings pane. It will be contained in a subfolder having the name you specified when making the copy.

If you make a copy, that will allow me to debug the copy, while you work on the original.

If you want me to do that:

  1. Make the copy
  2. Tell me the name you gave the copy.

If you would prefer to do this at some other time, that is fine also.

hi Phil,

thanks for your time to do this. I did what you asked here, so I named the copied app “Petzcare2” (original is Petzcare).
do you need more information to solve the problme?
meanwhile i make the original spreadsheet with the extra column.

kind regards