Error on Virtual Column

Is there something wrong with this expression?

[Retirado Por]=[_THISROW].[Retirado Por],
[Documento de Identidad de quien retira]=[_THISROW].[Documento de Identidad de quien retira]

I create a virtual column to test it and the app does not start, but in the wizard it gives it as good and neither gives error or warning after saving. It only remains loading a lot of time in the preview, and in the end it shows that it can not load.
I attach screenshots.
Thank you

The error points out to a runtime error as it has taken too long time to process. What’s the data size of your Entregas table? How many columns you have? Do you have VC in this table? How many? What expressions you have in those VCs (if any)? Have you checked the Performance Profile on which tables, columns have the most syncing/calculation duration?

The SELECT() expression you gave performs three column comparisons on every row of the Entregas table for each row to which the expression’s virtual column is attached. If either Entregas and/or the table with the virtual column are large, the compute time will be large.