Error Page when starting App offline

I have an app that users are having trouble accessing offline although I believe it is setup correctly. When opening on an Android device they get the following screen;

Below is how the Offline/Sync is setup;

Any ideas of why this is occurring?

When Appshet runs “offline mode” then it read the data from cache of the devices. It seems your user did not use the app before they see the error. Or they did use the app before they go offline, but they might have clear the cache from the device or cache data could potentially broken.

What is going to happen if this user goes ONLINE and upload the App to the device. Then go offline once again. Still seen the problem after all?


The user did open the app when online but I am not sure if the cache was cleared before using the app. Good thought!

I will have them test to see if that was the issue.

If they open the app before, then cached data is possible root cause. Let them go to place where the conectivity is secured and run the app first which will refresh the cache. After all, it should be no problem to run the app “off line”, I hope.
Good luck.

I had the users test deleting appsheet and reinstalling and opening the app while online. Then they put android phone in airplane mode and tryed to access the app with the same error as shown originally. Any ideas?

Please contact for further help with this.