Error Screen - Improvement

It would be really cool if the error screen just used our launch image, and had some customizable text, and a button that said “Send Error Report.” And, bang the dev gets emails with the error report details.

(Maybe while in the emulator it could show the full report… even though that wouldn’t be needed, cause I’m sure the editor could duplicate the error message in the editor.)

YES! This would be really helpful when troubleshooting multiuser apps. Great idea, @Grant_Stead. An auto email of the error log would be awesome.


Plus, having a button that the user can press that then turns into a feedback submitted text, that makes the user feel like they were able to do something. That’s huge. When the user just lands on an error screen and can’t do anything, that is so frustrating for them


Yeah this is a great idea - had to go unvote something for this. :sweat_smile:

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Nailed it. Voted.


Big things coming. New hashtags dropping soon.