Error: Task '' specifies an invalid MessageChannelName value of '_Custom_Twilio_SMS'

Hello, in one of my applications I have a workflow rule that send a SMS through a personal Twilio Account.
Today I encountered that the application is not runnable because the MessageChannelName is not valid:

Task ‘’ specifies an invalid MessageChannelName value of ‘_Custom_Twilio_SMS’

That feature was removed or is something with the application? I tried to change the Via Channel option, but there are only two options, ‘_Custom_Twilio_SMS’ and ‘_Appsheet_Default_SMS’.
I am outside US and Canada so is the only option that I have to send SMS.

Please contact directly.

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Support is already aware of this issue and hopefully working on it.

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I believe that I understand the problem and I am working on a solution.
I will provide another update shortly about when a fix will be deployed.


I hope to deploy the fix at about 5:00 PM Seattle time.

One customer reported that he was able to overcome the problem as follows:

  1. Open the app in the Editor.
  2. Expand the failing workflow or Report rule.
  3. Expand the email action.
  4. In the “Via channel” dropdown select either “System Default” or “System Mandrill”.

If you try this, please post here to share the outcome.


Thank you, but for me is not working.

I think is not about the workflow rule, because I deleted it and the first error still appear. Also, the error refers to Task ", not the specific workflow.

The error refers to “Task” because we are in the process of renaming “Actions” to “Tasks”. This is part of generalizing “Actions” to make them usable by enhanced workflow.

I would like to investigate the problem you are reporting. Can you provide:

  1. Your account number
  2. The application name

If you prefer, you can submit this information via a bug report by going to Contact us - AppSheet


Now is resolved, thank you for the quick response.

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It appears to be fixed on my end as well.

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Thanks for the update.
I am very sorry for introducing the problem.


Hello Phil,

I’m still having an issue with of of my apps. Any other suggestions you have for me or information you need from me?


Actually please disregard. For those of you still having issues, I recreated my workflow action and toggled between the different types of Channels whilst saving the app in between. It has resolved my errors

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Thanks for the update Clark.