ERROR "The condition of format rule 'Group i...

(Simon Robinson) #1


“The condition of format rule ‘Group is Live’ may be expensive and slow the user experience of your app”

which is a bit strange as the conditional rule is only [ColumnName]=UserEmail() and simply changes the text colour on 3 columns

Plus the entire table has only 1 row and 9 columns


Is this a ‘real’ issue or a bug?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Yes it sounds little weird


The expressions that trigger this should only be those that include Select, OrderBy or Top functions. Were any of those used in a formatting rule, maybe before changing to the simpler expression above?

(Simon Robinson) #4

Yes, it was a select before


Probably that expensive flag isn’t being reset when the expression changes @praveen. It’s just a warning anyway, so you can safely ignore it.