Error "User 'XXXX' does not have a valid 'database' account"

since 3 days i get this error “User ‘XXXX’ does not have a valid ‘database’ account” in the app. The app access to my mysql database which is on my webserver. When i try to update the database connection settings under my account i get this error: “Failed to establish connection. Details: One or more SQL errors has been encountered: Unable to connect to the MySQL database. You might not have the required permission or might be blocked by a firewall.”

But the thing is i didnt change anything on my webserver, database or in the app. The mysql database works fine, i checked it with a other software. I have no idea what is going on here.

Please contact directly for help with this.

Your support said that they can’t help cause i have no pro account. But … why should i upgrade to pro to get support for a problem which is not looking as my fault?

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You’ll have to work that out with support. I have no ability to troubleshoot your MySQL connection.