Error validating external account

Hi there,

We have a number of users in our organisation that are trying an AppSheet app prototype. We’ve recently had a new starter that was invited to the app but cannot login into AppSheet. They keep getting an “Error validating external account” error when logging into AppSheet.

I created this test account to validate what the issue was and I am having the same problem. I haven’t even invited myself to any apps. I am just trying to login directly at from my browser and getting the same “Error validating external account” error.

Error happens as follows:

  1. Select account from the Google account picker
  2. Google asks for Drive and a few other permissions
  3. Goes back to Appsheet and shows the error.

Does someone have any pointers on how to troubleshoot this issue? It seems more related to Appsheet than a specific app.

Thanks in advance.

Please contact for help with this.

Thanks Steve. Sent a message to support.

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Same here, in one case i was able to login. Instead of selecting the account i clic on select another account. wrote the email and pasword and that did the trick, but later on i had problems with a new user

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The problem is resolved, here is community announcement: [RESOLVED: Login Failures to Apps] Some new Workspace/GSuite users receiving "Error validating external account. Please try again"

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