Error when deleting rows

I am seeing this error when I delete rows in app. What might be the reason?

Probably your app is doing something wrong.

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Not sure what exactly it is.

I contacted AppSheet support and still not sorted out.

Nothing you’ve posted in this thread provides us with any information to use. You’ve essentially posted, “my app doesn’t work”, and seem to be expecting us to magically intuit what’s wrong and why.

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Because this what I see when I delete a row. I am not sure what does this even mean.

Unfortunately as an appsheet user I don’t know how technically I can explain the issue. I contacted appsheet and it’s been almost a week without proper solution even after contacting them.

They told it will be in production two days back. I am waiting to transfer the final application to my client.

Just got an email about new release into production. It’s working fine now.

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