Error when trying to import data for new app ...

(Neil Boisen) #1

Error when trying to import data for new app from Excel spreadsheet stored on Google.

The error code references column names “Email” and the function “USEREMAIL()” but my spreadsheet does not contain any email column.

Any suggestions?

(Neil Boisen) #2

Additional Notes:

I converted the Excel spreadsheet to Google Sheet and tried created an app and got the same error message.

I then tested using the Google AppSheet AddOn and was able to link and create an app without error (although naturally I get all of the json text as column header comments).

(Neil Boisen) #3

Additional Note:

I am able to link to the spreadsheet table from within an already existing app.

The error only occurs when attempting to create a new app from the “My Apps” page of AppSheet.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Try to set the option Security > Require Sign-In > ON and then make the copy.