Error when trying to process rows in a Related field list

Inside SELECT()(-ish) functions, that have their own frames of reference, [_THISROW] gives you direct access to the row from which the SELECT() was invoked. I recommend always using [_THISROW] if you intend to reference the enclosing row, else you run the risk that an identically-named column will be added to a scanned table and produce ambiguity and confusion unexpectedly.

Outside a SELECT()(-ish) function, [_THISROW] is equivalent to dereferencing the current row’s key column. So if your key column is RowKey, [_THISROW] and [RowKey] are equivalent.

SELECT()(-ish) functions are: FILTER(), LOOKUP(), MAXROW(), MINROW(), and SELECT().

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EnumList of type Ref is really not well supported. What are you trying to do?

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There were some examples somewhere of common problems people have with SELECT and how it doesn’t work.

I actually decided to start writing up a seperate post altogether describing the problem I’m having. I’ll @ you in the post.

Understood and a very good practice (which I utilize myself). BUT…I don’t believe its required. I remember when I first started creating complex conditions. I found all the _THISROW references were making it hard to read the condition. I started naming columns uniquely to avoid this.

For example, in Product table I would have had “Product Code” while in Purchase Order table I might have had “PO Prod Code”. This is considered by some a good db naming practice as you can easily identify the source table from the name - especially in error msgs.

Anyway, my point is that you will not need _THISROW if columns are named in this manner. AppSheet can resolve without conflict.

And by the way, I have relaxed on such naming conventions. Getting lazy I guess! :slight_smile:

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