Error with Action After Concatenat(ing) Columns

Hello, and good morning Power Team,

I am writing to you all because I am experiencing an error message after Concatenat(ing) several columns in my “Dispatch view” of my app:

Any insight on how I could keep these functions and still have my app working properly would be wondrous. I have already attempted concatenating the same columns in the affected “Billing AR and AP” view. For reference, the error is coming from the actions that cause items to be sent to or from the “Billing AR and AP” view.

Thank you in advance,

Wesley Whitaker

I suspect the column you are trying to change by action is set as NOT-EDITABLE. Check the column setting if you are able to edit, or you might place the app formula for those target column I guess.


Thank you Tsuji, I will check that.

By the way, where are you from?

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Japan, now about to sleep, haha.

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Haha, thank you Koichi son. Sleep well Sir.


I suspect Tsuji is correct.

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