Error with loading app in browser

I have a user that is trying to load the app in the browser on her laptop. She keeps getting an error that the app is not able to load due to a mismatch in table structure.

How do I clear all references to the app from her browser so it will open a fresh and updated app when she clicks on the link?

I’d like to cause minimal impact so don’t want to jump to clearing the cache, etc if I don’t have to.

Do you have set-ups for ”stable version" of the app ?

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No. I’m still on the pro plan.

Sure. Any pending data with the app?
Cant completely able to open the app?

I don’t know if there is any pending data but I know she can’t get into the app at all. It stops loading and gives the error message above.

I want to add a few things by asking permission from our master (mr.tsuji koichi).

1-I think there are data to update.

2- I encountered a similar problem. The problem may be caused by the filters you have given. It is because the record or table you want to process is Read only. Please review your Securtiy filters or table / slicer. I hope I’m not wrong.

3- For the User to update the Data
In manage-version-get version history, pull back your application a few versions. When users are not using the application, pull forward the relevant latest version. Find where the error is and fix it.