Error with "Start" Expression

Hello, Im writing because Im trying to create a reporting app, when generating the template in xlsx format, I use the “Start” expression to bring data such as date and time and the application brings me erroneous data that are not even in my database, showing incorrectly the data “Date” and “Time”. The date in the database is 02/02/2021 and the Start expression brings me the following data “44231”. The same happens with the time, in this case it would be 9 AM and the start expression brings me the following incorrect data “0.4826388889”. I have already adjusted the cells to accept only Date and Time values, but the error still occurs and I can not continue advancing with the app.

sorry, dont understand, what i have to do? i read that post.

What is a “Start statement”?

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I mean, “Start Expression” (<<Start: Related Owners>>) for example. Sorry i use a translator my native language is spanish. I cant find a section in the community for spanish speakers-

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The expression used with a <<Start>> tag must produce a list of key column values from a table of your app. Does yours do so?

Please post a screenshot of the template file that includes the entire <<Start>> tag.

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Screenshot_150 This is the template.

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and this is the result of start expression. The data is wrong, the section “Fecha” and “Hora” must show “Date” and “Time” with the information from the database, but i obtain “44231” and “0,48…”

the workflow brings me erroneous data that are not even in my database.

All the fields that contains “Time” in the template brings me back decimal numbers.

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Make sure that the Fecha column in the app is of type Date, and that the Hora column in the app is of type Time.

In the spreadsheet, make sure the Fecha column is formatted as a date or as plain text, and that the Hora column is formatted as time or as plain text. Do not use the Automatic format for the spreadsheet columns.