Escaping a forward slash in a Google Drive folder name

A client has his main spreadsheet file in a GDrive folder called

Incoming / Outgoing

I’m trying to set the path here

Is this going to be possible?

The end goal is to get a public URL link, from a Save File Report, a la

So I need a relative path underneath the spreadsheet, and this “default app folder” set to where the spreadsheet is.

Or any alternatives?

You’ll need to ensure the Incoming (with trailing space) and Outgoing (with leading space) directories exist, I imagine.

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You might have misunderstood. “Incoming / Outgoing” is the folder name, not a folder within a folder.

The simplest way would be to have the folder renamed. I imagine it will cause more issues down the road if that content is used in other systems (e.g. Unix or Windows)

But, there is a discussion here that may help. They talk about URL encoding the path.

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Yah, I don’t think renaming the folder would fly with this client and their situation.

I saw that article in my search too, only skimmed it, but I don’t think it can help. If the problem was building the file URL, maybe. But the problem is how to input this folder location into this plain text box “Default app folder”.

It is because of the way that files are saved, and the way that relative paths are built, in Appsheet. From my attempts with this issue, I’ve discovered (or probably re-discovered after forgetting…) that relative file paths need to be at the same folder level or below the spreadsheet that the table is in. Although Save File workflows are going to save the file in whatever directory is listed in the “Default app folder” field. In order to build the public URL to the file, it needs to be accessible via a relative path from the table that is also specified in the URL.

Given this, I figured out a workaround. I created a new spreadsheet file, in another folder that I could actually input into the “default” field, and loaded up a single dummy table from it into Appsheet. I used this dummy table in my URL in order to reach the file via relative path.

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