Evaluating datetime to trigger report

I’m not sure which timezone appsheet is using to evaluate my report trigger.

i have a table with a row for every 10:30am and 6pm of every day of the year. So 730 rows. Every 10:30pm and 6am of every day I want the report to trigger to evaluate the row that is 36 hours ahead or NOW()+1.5. I have it setup to trigger:

If this is true…

AND([Sail Date]>(NOW()+1.4),[Sail Date]<(NOW()+1.6),ISNOTBLANK([Booked By]),ISBLANK(Confirmed By]))

Basically…if the row is more than 1.4 days ahead and less than 1.6 days ahead, someone has booked the time and no one has confirmed it…do… whatever.

Is it because NOW() is using UTC so when the row is evaluated NOW()+1.4 and +1.6 won’t find anything between them?

Yes I believe you are correct here. NOW() uses the current time on a user’s device. But in the case of a Report, that is run by the Appsheet server, so NOW() will use the time on the Appsheet server, which is UTC.

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OK! This makes more sense why my reports are successful but not finding any “qualifying” records to act on.

However, you bring up another issue. Any other place in the app i’m using NOW() to compare times I need to make sure I’m using local (in my case pacific).


Thanks again!