Event actions on a table and sorting

Hi! I would like to use an event action in a table of mine without losing some functionality that is very important to me. First, here’s a gif showing the functionality that I don’t want to lose:

original.2021-06-12 17_11_19

This illustrates that, before sorting, the links between detail views follow the original order of the table. Thus, “abnormally” comes after “ability” (alphabetical order). After using the Random column to sort, however, “anywhere” comes after “temperate” – just what I want. Reordering by any other column works in the same way.

Now, I’d also like to hide a maintenance-related action in the Tangocho table as an event action. Here’s how I did that:

At the bottom of the settings for my table I clicked on “Behavior” and selected “Activate group,” a group action I made in advance.

Here are the actions that “Activate group” holds:

“Activate update (Tangocho)” is the maintenance-related action that I’m trying to hide. “Navigation” is the following:

The LINKTOROW expression is necessary because once you assign an action to “Row Selected” it loses it’s original navigation function. LINKTOROW says, “OK, now go to the detail view you would have gone to originally.”

So far so good. The problem is that the insertion of these actions seems to have made the AppSheet platform forget about the sorting that was just done. I’ve illustrated this in the following gif:

after.2021-06-12 17_31_18

In this case, I would like for “anywhere” to follow the “temperature” slide but instead the noun card for “temperature” follows the adjective card because that’s the alphabetical order. In other words, the sorting effect was lost.

So, my question is Can I have my cake and eat it too? I’d like to both hide my maintenance action and take advantage of navigation based on the table sorting.

Also, if there’s no good workaround for this, perhaps AppSheet should consider improving the event action function so that instead of making a completely new (and inferior) navigation function, we can just say “do would you would have done if an action hadn’t intervened.” That would be a lot more intuitive for most creators and functional superior to the current set up.