Event by change in virtual column

I have a table (A), which contains a virtual column which calculates a value that depends on another table (B).
Depending on the value of the virtual column, in the table (A) it generates an email, all perfect, since the bot runs when I make the changes directly in the table (A).
What I want is that when I make a change in the table (B), that alters the virtual column of the table (A) also generates the mail, this is possible?

You can have another Bot that has an event for changes in table B. That Bot can call a child process that will check the value of the virtual column and branch to send/not send the email.

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I think it should be done by “calling a process”, but this asks me to find or add a process entry, and among the columns that it lets me select, the virtual one that activates the bot does not appear.
Is in this section the one that you mention to me for the solution to my problem? Or in what type of process would I add the child bot?

You would need to create a process on table A. In that process check the virtual column and create the steps for sending email.

When you call the process all you need to provide is the key of the row that you would like the process to execute on. It will retrieve all columns of the row.