Event Data Change Row Id

Is there a way to get the Id of the row the event triggered on for all change types?

Ie: Row is added to table 1, t1, can this row id be used within a bot and within one of its processes? If so, how do you grab this id and can it be added to the documentation?

Would you just use [_RowNumber] or [id] if you have a column set as the key?

An example of where this would be used would be in a ‘Call a process’ step for one of the Lookup Inputs.

Hi Liam,

You should be able to just provide the key column from the row that triggered the process.
Assuming “id” is the key column, you can just provide [id] to the “Call a process” step for lookup input.


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I got it to work but had to use [_THISROW].[id]

So did just using [Id] not work?

No it doesn’t work, both [_THISROW].[id] and [id] do not work. [id] works less than [_THISROW].[id].

I am using the bot to call a process which calls a task and an action that makes changes to my inventory system. When I use [id] it does not change the correct inventory location, when I use [_THISROW].[id] it changes the correct location.

Both options have another issue but I will leave that for another topic.

Hi Liam,

Would you mind emailing support@appsheet.com with details of your app and allow access to your apps – go to https://www.appsheet.com/account/account#_tab_acctConfig and check the option that enables support access.

We would like to investigate the issue why [id] did not work properly.