Event Invitation Email Workflows

As many of you have already discovered, a new workflow file type is available for sending calendar invitations! ICS files allow email recipients to easily see and accept events to their own calendar.

This workflow can be tested out with a simple scheduling sample application available here - just copy the app and try adding an event with your email included to receive an attached calendar invitation.
To create an email workflow that includes a calendar invitation, visit Behavior > Workflow and add a new workflow rule. Select an ICS ‘Attachment Content Type’ and create a template for that attachment.

For more details about customizing the event invitation, check out @TyAlevizos’s detailed post, or read the help documentation.


Thank you @Peter fo rthe sample. And by the way: Cool Launch Image :wink:
But I cannot Sync an event:
When I try to sync it says:
Sample applications are protected from unauthorized data changes

Could you also please post the text of your ICS template?

Hey @Fabian, thanks - did you copy that app or are you trying to use the sample app? If you copy it into your account and then try out the workflow, I think it should work then.

Sorry Peter, I didn’t read carefully. You mentioned in your first post, that we have to copy the App…

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